Around the world, 85% of businesses rely on cloud computing for file storage and collaboration. Instead of storing files and software on local computers or servers, companies can now keep their data in the cloud for quick, easy access from anywhere. 

And because the cloud is more than just a big hard drive on the internet, your data is safer and more secure than it was when you kept it on your desktop or laptop. The cloud is a network of servers that can scale and adapt as your needs change.

Let’s look at what cloud computing is and how it can help your business. 

What Is Cloud Computing?

You’ve probably heard people talk about “the cloud” when it comes to file-sharing services or internet-based applications. The cloud is simply a network of drives and servers spread across multiple data centers that create a single virtual storage location. You upload a file to one app or folder, but it is stored somewhere else. 

This approach to file storage saves you valuable space on your device or drive. But it also makes it available from anywhere you are, any time you need it. 

Cloud computing is more than just remote file storage. Cloud-based computing can provide businesses with extra horsepower to perform complex operations or process large data sets. It’s also the backbone for many of the world’s most popular accounting, customer management, and manufacturing software systems. 

Why Use the Cloud?

Using cloud computing can benefit your company in many ways. Here are four of the most important reasons your company should use cloud computing.


Cloud computing is fast and flexible. You get quick access to your files and applications, and you can deploy new services more quickly.

Drive Innovation

Your business isn’t limited to your current resources and capabilities when you use cloud computing. Since the cloud can scale to your needs, cost-effectively explore new options and processes. 

Pay for What You Need

Rather than invest in a massive internal data center with more storage than you need, the cloud lets you pay as you go. And as your needs change, the cost is incremental. 

Focus on Core Competencies

Cloud computing allows you to operate your business instead of managing IT services internally. Combined with an outsourced IT support partner, the cloud can help you focus on what you do best. 

IT Support for Cloud Computing

It’s advisable to engage an IT support team to get the most out of your cloud computing setup. Why do you need IT support? One reason is they can help ensure reliable and fast internet access – a must for cloud computing.

With the right IT support services partner, you can upgrade a typical business internet connection to dedicated fiber. With enterprise-level fiber internet access, you have superior connectivity and reliability — up to 99.99% service availability. 

The Future Is the Cloud

Cloud computing’s growth and reliability have made it easier for companies to grow their business, reduce operating costs, and provide a better user experience for employees and customers. From cloud-based storage to internet-based applications, the cloud is the future of business. 

Connect with one of our IT tech support experts to develop a suite of IT support services for your business. We can help you leverage the power of the cloud to make your business a success.