Everything You Need to Know About Hosted VoIP

With almost every team going remote and leaving behind office space altogether, it’s hard to imagine how to stay organized and connected. Thankfully, hosted VoIP is the medium through which you can keep your entire team in contact, even when they’re in far-flung places like New York, Japan.

Here’s everything you need to know.

VoIP Is Low-Cost

Compared to landline systems, VoIP is much cheaper when it comes to making long-distance or international calls. Hosted VoIP is an immensely cheap option as there’s no hardware to set up or install. Rather than having to buy special phones, routing devices, and using a dedicated provider, hosted VoIP is fluid.

What’s great about hosted VoIP is it keeps remote employees connect at little cost. You can hire the best talent at the lowest price in the country because your communications are sent via the internet. Throw in the¬†amount of free video conferencing software available and you can run a small business for next to nothing.

VoIP Is Mobile

Hosted VoIP is great for teams that are always on the go or who don’t have a dedicated office space.

Many providers of hosted VoIP have dedicated apps that automatically connect team members with one another. They can make audio or video calls, send files, screen share, or whiteboard a project together.

Team collaboration via a single app is one of the best benefits. With more companies implementing Bring Your Own Device policies for the comfort and ease of employees, your team can present with confidence.

Hosted VoIP Scales With Ease

Adding additional hardware to accommodate new employees or extensions is simple with hosted VoIP.

Expanding your service is as cheap as buying another compatible handset and changing your settings a little bit. VoIP enabled phones aren’t the only way to connect your team. Softphone client software can be added to computers on your network to add or remove as many extensions as needed.

Unified Communications Made Simple

Unified communications systems are a must for most companies’ infrastructure. UC and VoIP both rely on the same kind of network management and work together seamlessly. Adding both means having all of the above features as well as instant messaging, call management, and even the ability to create your own call center.

VoIP Is Secure

With the integration of cybersecurity software and firewalls, all of your communications via VoIP can be secure.

In industries where compliance matters, like legal, government, or medical industries, VoIP is the best way to stay above board. Call recording and the ability to have managers listen in, whisper to coach agents, and take over calls keeps your company in control.

With the extra firewall protection available, encryption, and VPN, you can ensure you escape malware and scams.

Staying Connected Keeps Projects Together

Whether your team is working in sales, construction, the arts, government, or the medical industry, hosted VoIP is a smart option for staying in touch. You get total control over your contact system without the expensive investment of hardware and data center costs.

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