Did you know there are about 47,563 law firms across the United States?

Although there are thousands of law firms in the country, only a percentage of them have the technology necessary to do their job. If you’ve noticed your law firm doesn’t have the technology to keep things running smoothly, you came to the right place. 

Read on to learn why your law firm needs IT services.

1. Protect the Privacy of Your Clients

As a law firm, you hold on to private client information that will help you with a case. It’s your responsibility to protect private information and stay in compliance with privacy regulations. 

Because law firms are not exempt from security breaches, it’s essential you protect your files. Aside from becoming a victim of a security breach, there’s also the risk of losing data without the proper backup.

An IT services company will ensure your law firm’s data has the proper protection against security breaches. The average security breach can end up costing between $36,000 to $50,000.

They will also ensure all of your client documents have the proper backup, so you never have to lose a file.

2. Access to Cloud Files

One of the best reasons why you should consider hiring an IT services company for your law firm is to have access to cloud technology

Cloud technology will allow your lawyers and staff to access and save important documents from anywhere. For example, if they show up to court, and they forgot to bring an important piece of evidence, they will be able to access the document using the cloud. 

An IT company can help you set up cloud technology to fit the needs of your law firm.

3. Access to an IT Support Team 

As new systems develop, we become more and more dependant on technology to help us do our jobs. However, when there are some glitches in the system, you can’t always depend on your staff to have the knowledge or tools to fix the problem. 

To keep all of your systems running smoothly at your law firm, it’s important you get the help of a professional. IT experts will be available 24/7 to help you solve your technological needs.

They have experts at their help desk that can direct you to the right person to fix the problem.

4. Get the Right Technology

If your systems go down, it can delay your lawyers for hours and stall firm operations. While you might think your 10-year old computer still gets the job done, experts will disagree. 

IT experts will set up your law firm with the right systems, software, and security to minimize the possibility of downtime.

5. Save Money

By hiring an IT services company, you will be able to save more money. When you hire a full-time IT expert as part of your staff, you have to pay for a salary, PTO, and benefits.

When you hire an IT services company, you only pay when you use their services. 

Are You Ready to Hire Professional IT Services? 

Now that you know about the benefits of hiring IT services for your law firm, it’s time you look for the right company. The right IT services company will help you save money, protect your files, set up cloud technology, and provide dedicated IT support.

Are you ready to get the technology help your law firm needs? Contact us for a consultation.