Is your business prepared to operate as normal during an emergency or unexpected event?

If not, you’re probably in need of BCP or business continuity planning. This managed IT service can help protect data and maintain your services no matter what’s going on in the outside world. 

Keep reading to learn all about business continuity and how it can benefit your company. 

What Is Business Continuity?

Simply put, a business continuity plan details how different events could disrupt your businesses services or negatively impact your company – and what you can do about it.

To get a better idea of how serious the effects of an emergency might be on your business, you can fill out a business impact analysis worksheet. But, if you don’t already have a plan in place, it’s probably time to call in the experts.

What Are Business Continuity Services?

Rather than waiting for something to go wrong, or writing a plan and not acting on it until needed, business continuity services take a more holistic approach to protection. These managed IT services usually incorporate backup and disaster recovery to help keep data safe and avoid losing vital business information.

Other business continuity benefits typically include IT support, on-site assistance should the need arise, and regular checkups to ensure your emergency action plan is up to date and effective.

Your BCP

Developing your company’s business continuity plan will take time and require a few steps. In most cases, this will include:

  • Conduct a Business Impact Analysis: Through this process, your business will identify operations and could be impacted during an unexpected event, and determine how time-sensitive each of these resources might be
  • Organize a Recovery Plan: Next, you’ll need to identify the steps necessary to recover critical business functions, and determine how to implement them
  • Create a Continuity Team: Then, you’ll need to assign a team dedicated to controlling these types of disruptions, unless you opt for a managed IT service provider who would fulfil this role 
  • Training: If you haven’t hired an outside IT company, your continuity team will need to be trained and tested, acting out different parts of your plan to ensure they will be successful should an emergency arise

As you can see, hiring a managed IT company is the easiest way to prepare your business for the unexpected. And, you have plenty to gain other than disaster preparedness. Other benefits include fixed monthly costs, realtime assistance, enhanced data security, and proactive maintenance. 

Taking the Next Step

Now that you know a bit about business continuity, you might be feeling worried about how your company would carry on during a crisis. If so, don’t wait to take action!

Contact us for information about our managed IT services, and to get the process started! Our dedicated team is standing by to offer answers, advice, and help determine your individual business needs.