When people think about the essentials that keep America’s $2.8 trillion healthcare system running, few people consider IT. While scrubs, surgical tools, and prescription drugs are all crucial, so is the IT that makes it all tick.

Your average healthcare practices or hospital requires a wide number of types of IT just to meet the minimum requirements to function from both a legal and an end-user standpoint. Many of the most common types of IT for small business is used in even that largest mega-hospitals in the United States.

Anyone wishing to start any kind of healthcare business of their own should know exactly what IT that is needed to be in place before they can begin. Here’s what you need to know. 

1. Document Management

One of the most essential IT types used by medical businesses concerns document management. All patient-focused medical entities are required to keep meticulous records of just about everything.

There are also many pieces of legislation that mandate such records are stored securely and well managed. That’s why medical industry-focused document management systems such as Availity are now standard across the US.

2. Security Software

As a healthcare practitioner, you are obligated to take every possible measure to keep the health data of your patients safe and secure. That’s why simply having any old antivirus installed on your computer will no longer do.

Rather, you will need to ensure that you have the latest and most comprehensive medical security software that meets all of the federal and state law requirements concerning patient data. Without the right IT security types, you risk potentially crippling lawsuits further down the line.

3. Telemedicine Software

In a world where telemedicine, or remote medicine, is rapidly becoming the norm rather than an exception, the right telemedicine software is absolutely crucial. When it comes to small business IT, this typically might mean simply downloading Zoom and calling it a day.

However, in the medical industry, where a remote diagnosis could require more than just a decent webcam, more is needed. Popular telemedicine platforms such as Doxy.me and ZingTree will ensure that you can treat your patients effectively, wherever they might be. 

4. Electronic Health Record System

Electronic Health Record, or EHR software, is now being adopted en masse across the entire healthcare system. This means internal record software that your organization can use to store, update, and manage patient data.

However, it also means electronic medical software that records essential patient data such as recovery processes and prescriptions that can be shared between different providers and organizations. 

5. Scheduling Platforms 

One of the most important IT service types for hospitals is a platform that allows staff and patients to effectively and simply manage appointments and bookings. In the daily life of a doctor, every second is crucial and must be perfectly and precisely scheduled.

That’s why you will need a medically-focused appointment booking IT system such as SimplyBook.me. This will ensure that nobody misses an appointment again.  

Support for the Types of IT You Need 

No matter the types of IT you need for your business, you will need IT support to help. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

By getting in touch with our expert team of IT support staff, you can find out how our managed IT team will keep your systems running smoothly at all times. Managed IT services will save you time, resources, and money, allowing you to focus on what matters – growing your business.