We are amid the information age and have adopted technology in every facet of our day-to-day and professional lives. Every business needs to capitalize on the latest technology to thrive in the constantly evolving modern world. As technology that helps businesses drive further success increases, so does the capability of hackers who would harm them for their advantage.

If you have a small but growing organization, you need to ramp up your IT security to enjoy continued success. As hacking methods become more complex and subtle, simple firewalls and antivirus software cannot provide you with the adequate protection you need.

What is IT Security

Information security for your business is a process of preventing unauthorized access and countering cybersecurity threats that can disrupt, destroy, or cause the theft of your most vital business information. Gone are the days where we used to write and distribute important business information on hard copies. We live in an entirely digital age, and digitally available information is constantly under threat from hackers.

Why is IT Security Important?

Whether it is your personal information or confidential information regarding your company’s operations, utmost security measures are critical. If any of the internal company information is harmed, it can trigger a domino effect with severe consequences for your company. IT security protects everything from damage to the company’s image to the exposure of secrets critical for your success.

Advantages of Managed IT Services for Your Cyber Security

The security and confidentiality of information is everything for the success of businesses today. Hiring the right firm to provide your business with secured managed IT services entitles you to several advantages:

1.     Access to Secure Cloud Computing

It provides you with access to the latest innovations in cloud computing. As cloud computing becomes popular, more businesses are using it for easier access to files and remote work. A managed IT services provider can provide you with secure cloud computing that relieves you from the stress of maintaining on-site servers. Managed IT services already have a rigorously secured setup with high-security encryption to protect the information.

2.     Protection from Ransomware Attacks

There has been a drastic increase in ransomware attacks on both small and large businesses. Hackers encrypt essential business information, and many companies end up paying the ransom to get the decryption key. Otherwise, they risk losing all the information vital to their operations. Having updated antimalware and antivirus software can help. However, it does not offer the level of protection a managed IT services team that specializes in protecting your files from ransomware does.

3.     Reducing Downtime

Every company experiences downtime in case of server failures. Every hour you lose kills productivity and deteriorates your success. If your employees cannot get access to the server with important information, they fail to do their jobs. Every minute they cannot get the job done is more money wasted.

IT Security, through a managed IT service provider, minimizes any downtime for your business by providing you with adequate backups. They provide you with protocols that can ensure business continuity. Whether it is due to a hacker or through ransomware, your business is facing significant downtime without proper protection. Bringing in a managed IT services company can effectively eliminate the downtime by preventing attacks through several security layers.

Get IT Security that can Ensure Your Company’s Success

It is understandable that investing in IT security is a major decision. After all, you do have a budget, and you want to keep costs low. At Vitreous IT, we understand the need to provide top-notch security as needed. Some cybersecurity measures might be necessary for your company, but could be too much for another.

We sit down with you and work with your business budget to provide you with a proactively managed IT service that can ensure your company’s long-term success.

If you want to learn more about how we can help, feel free to get in touch with us today.