In the wake of the pandemic, more people are working remotely than ever before. Many experts have expressed curiosity over how America’s approach to telework may change forever after the pandemic.

But with more remote work come additional threats to your business’s IT security.

Maybe your business is long familiar with cybersecurity strategies. Maybe you just started implementing them during the pandemic. Whatever the case, it’s important to be familiar with the best IT security tips and best practices.

Here’s why IT security is more important than ever for your organization.

More Time Online, More Opportunities for Hackers

With more people working online, hackers may have better opportunities to carry out cyberattacks. These attacks, in turn, can lead to information leaks and other dangers. The result is an exposure of vital company secrets. Unfortunately, this exposure can even affect your company’s reputation.

Hackers may look for vulnerabilities within your company’s website, equipment, or networks. They may even take advantage of a lack of employee training.

For example, businesses may be victims of malware. This type of attack can cause damage to your business’s devices or data. Alternatively, you may fall prey to ransomware that keeps you from accessing your own systems.

Employees might fall for phishing scams and release sensitive and private company data. Hackers might attack your company’s systems, affecting your image and revenue.

To protect against this, it’s critical to have simple safety nets in place, like these examples:

  • Email filtering to help block known spam
  • Ransomware protection services to keep would-be hackers from accessing your systems
  • Encryption services to keep your important data private
  • OpenDNS filtering to keep employees from landing on suspicious sites

Together, these strategies can protect your business from even the worst attacks.

Employees Play an Important Role IT Security

All employees—not just the IT department—should be well-versed in cybersecurity.

Small businesses are often a goldmine for hackers. They often have valuable information protected by fewer resources. They may also offer less training for employees on defending against attacks.

As a result, it’s more important than ever to consult with an expert on your organization’s IT security.

Common weak points throughout many businesses include issues with simple solutions:

  • Using weak passwords
  • Failing to update systems
  • Failing to follow basic protocol to defend devices from viruses
  • Responding poorly to phishing scams

Raising awareness and providing education can help you safeguard valuable data. This is especially true for companies whose employees have started working online at a higher frequency than ever before.

Responsible IT Security for Businesses

As cyberattacks grow more and more advanced, businesses must continue to be wary. Organizations must also educate themselves on the best practices for protection.

This includes putting better IT security systems in place. It also extends to keeping employees informed about strategies to defend sensitive data.

If you’re interested in learning more about cybersecurity systems and how to protect your business, contact us for details!