According to a Statista survey, the average cost per hour of enterprise server downtime can range anywhere from $300,000 to $400,000.

Data loss can be distressing for businesses. Even small data losses comprising of 100 or fewer files can cost plenty of revenue and downtime. Businesses can’t afford to deal with these costs while at the same time, their risks continue to rise; the total volume of data loss has increased over 400% in two years.

Why You Need a Backup and Disaster (BDR) Plan

Small businesses need a BDR plan due to the following reasons.

Safeguards Against Natural Disaster

When it is a blizzard, hurricane, or any other natural disaster, many uncontrollable circumstances can cause downtime to organizations. Around 90% of them suffer from seven or more days of downtime in a year. A BDR plan will ensure that you can prevent downtime from compromising your operations in the wake of a natural disaster.

Minimizes Impact of Cyber Threats

While more and more data moves online, hackers are ramping up their efforts and targeting organizations that they suspect to be unprotected. These are mostly small businesses. A BDR plan can help you to minimize the impact caused by these threats.

Keeps Customer Data Safe

Do you store tons of customer or client data? If you do, then you can’t afford to have it accessed by unauthorized parties. A BDR plan will make sure that your information is stored and controlled properly. As a consequence, you don’t have to be concerned about damaging your brand reputation in case an unforeseeable incident arises.

Offers Contingency

While cyberattacks and natural disasters are discussed a lot, in many cases, employees are the naïve culprits. They commit mistakes due to lack of IT literacy, and their lack of digital hygiene can cause organizations to fall into a major trap. For instance, a non-tech-savvy employee may receive a phishing email from a cybercriminal who acts as a fellow colleague and convinces them to divulge the company’s sensitive credentials. To prevent these scenarios, you need to train them for cybersecurity awareness and make sure that you have a BDR solution for the worst-case scenario.

Provide Security For the 0.01% Scenario

Ultimately, many hardware and machines fail at some point. Irrespective of how many resources you allocate to your IT infrastructure, no solution can be 100% foolproof. That is why even the best of systems offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Therefore, you should get a BDR plan that can deal with these risks.

How Vitreous Backup Can Address Your Backup Woes

Vitreous Backup offers file-level backups to both local, network, and cloud storage destinations. It does not require you to meet any minimum requirement, nor does it come with startup costs.

  • License Cost – $10 per license per workstation and/or server.
  • Each license Includes 40GB of pooled cloud storage.
  • Additional Cloud Storage Cost – $.08 per GB (no minimums).
  • You can store the data in your warehouse and just use the software, or you can send the backup to multiple locations.

Here are some of its features.

Data Center Automation

The rapid growth in speed and data at which organizations function today mean that manual monitoring, troubleshooting, and remediation is too ineffective and slow and can put organizations at risk.

With an automated data center, organizational backup can be performed on a pre-determined schedule, minimizing the ongoing attention needed from the IT teams, freeing up resources to tackle business critical projects. You can also:

  • Leverage predefined parameters to manage the intricate task of data backup intelligently and dynamically.
  • Automate your savings and recovery systems to improve protection from potential human error or disk loss.
  • Keep data and files between critical applications in-synchronized and backed up for DR purposes.
  • Prevent operations personnel from hours of manual, repetitive tasks linked with data backups.

HIPAA & GBOX Compliant

Despite the major damage caused by data breaches in terms of business losses, reputation, and cost, backup and disaster recovery systems are only used by 45% of healthcare organizations and 38% don’t even plan to use them.

Why put your company under the liability and stress of a PHI data breach?

Vitreous Backup is HIPAA-compliant and can ensure maximum compliance and minimize worries over data loss. Features include:

  • Highly restricted employee access to patient files.
  • Reporting and audit trail of account activities.
  • Strict logical system and access controls.
  • Restricted physical access to production servers.
  • Data encryption (in transit and at rest).

Encryption is a key component of Vitreous Backup. Files are encrypted, which means that healthcare service providers will not lose the data if the offsite server is compromised.

Backup Management

Vitreous’ backup management ensures your critical data is protected, irrespective of the problem at hand.

  • Optimal backup configuration – Configure and set up the scheduling to utilize your hardware and storage optimally.
  • Ongoing support – Proactively handle alerts. Our automated backup monitoring systems run 24/7. They are built to notify with alerts as soon as your backup is stuck with an issue. Our IT support team constantly checks in and responds to alerts when needed.
  • On-premise, hybrid or cloud – We have options for a combination of local backup devices and services hosted in our protected cloud. This way, you can benefit from rapid file recovery to remote disaster recovery.

Recovery Strategies

Databases crash can drive a business to the ground. That is why we offer the following:

  • Onsite backups – Store your backup on a network share.
  • Storing older backups – Maintain an archive of older backups as a contingency plan if recent backups are corrupted.
  • Offsite backup – Although onsite backups are handy, you need more options. That is why we provide an offsite backup option at a secure data center.
  • 3-2-1 backup strategy – The 3-2-1 backup strategy allows you to at least keep three copies of your data, back up data on two different storage types, and one copy of the data offsite.

Final Thoughts

There is no way to prevent an uncontrollable human error, technical malfunction, natural disaster, and cyberattack with a 100% guarantee. That is why you need a high-quality BDR solution like Vitreous Backup to protect your organization from data loss. To find more about what Vitreous Backup entails, reach out to us today.