Case Study

Citizens Bank – Taking Advantage of New Technology

A financial institution partnered with a trusted national network provider to deploy a digital IT strategy to help meet new business and client demands.

In 2015, Citizens Bank, a family-owned financial institution based in Tennessee, launched an ambitious growth plan. Over the past five years, it has steadily expanded, and today the bank and its affiliates have 17 locations and 16 ATMs. During this expansion, the bank eyed new bandwidth-intensive software platforms and databases to adapt to changing digital trends and evolving customer demands.

“We had been a typical ‘green screen type of bank,” says senior vice president Tim Broyles. “As we move to the Windows and SQL environment, and the top banking databases, we require faster speeds. With the newer software, some branches were having issues with data transfer speed.”

In 2016, the bank realized it was time for a new connectivity strategy. It needed additional bandwidth to support not just new branches, but also the resource demands of modern software platforms and digital banking applications.

“It’s a good feeling knowing that we’ve got both local contacts and a national team we can partner with now and in the future. It’s just a perfect fit.”
Tim Broyles,

Senior Vice President, Information Systems

For help, they turned to Enterprise Fiber. Today, the bank is leveraging digital infrastructure that supports its ambitious expansion plans, along with the expertise of a national provider that helps prepare them for the future

High-performance solutions and a national provider are a winning combination

The bank chose Enterprise because of its high-performance fiber solutions, national reach, and local support. The solution, which is deployed at all 17 locations, includes scalable Ethernet and Fiber Internet Access (FIA) service capable of delivering five times the speed of the existing network without any increase in cost. The Enterprise network enables seamless integration of new branches no matter where they might be located, with local teams standing by to quickly address any needed changes or requests.

The benefits of working with a national provider were readily apparent when Citizens Bank called upon Enterprise to link three new locations in Knoxville. The locations were positioned outside the service area, a situation that would normally involve multiple vendors, host circuits, and disaster recovery circuits. Because Enterprise manages strong relationships with third-party providers, however, Ethernet and FIA services were seamlessly provided for all three branches. These services are held to the same high standards and service level agreement (SLA) metrics as Enterprise products.

Client Profile

Company: Citizens Bank

Industry: Financial

Services: Ethernet, Fiber Internet Access


  • Citizens Bank needed a network upgrade to support business expansion, new bandwidth-intensive banking applications and client demand
  • The bank chose Enterprise because of its high-performance fiber technology, national reach and local support
  • Enterprise now provides Ethernet and Fiber Internet Access service to all bank locations


  • Citizens Bank can quickly and easily bring new locations online as it grows regardless of where they are
  • The bank now has a network that’s five times the speed of the previous one without any increase in cost
  • The network’s scalability enables the IT team to easily support new high-bandwidth applications and services

Why It Matters

  • Citizens Bank provides its customers with a better experience by using the network to support applications that streamline operations and enable the delivery of new digital services
  • The bank can now keep pace with rapidly changing technology and financial services demands, as well as accommodate ever-increasing amounts of data
  • Citizens Bank confidently serves its customers knowing that all data is secure and accessible from more than one location in the event of a disaster
“As far as we’re concerned, we only have one provider,” Broyles says. “We trusted our local rep and his team, and they took care of it. Other than the original installation, we’ve never known there was another vendor.”

Citizen Bank’s trust in Enterprise has also allowed the two organizations to work together on building and executing a business continuity plan. The organizations collaborated to ensure that network data would replicate both to an offsite disaster recovery center and the cloud. “The ease of adding this capability is a testament to the simplicity of the solution as well as the value of the Enterprise team,” says network administrator and vice president Matt Lewis. “We were able to set the disaster recovery site up at the time we put the new network in place. It was very easy.”

Ready for whatever the future may bring

Today, the Citizens Bank IT team has the confidence to tackle any new requirements or projects that may come its way. For example, the bank is well prepared for the bandwidth demands of new digital services and applications. “If we wanted to add bandwidth in the old days, we’d have to add another circuit, bond it together — jump through all sorts of hoops,” Broyles recalls. “But now, we make a phone call to the Enterprise support team, tell them what speed we want, and they get the ball rolling. It’s a good feeling knowing that we’ve got both local contacts and a national team we can partner with now and in the future. It’s just a perfect fit.”

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