Accelerate your organization with a reliable internet access service

Today’s organizations depend on high-performing Internet solutions to keep critical applications up and running and business operating. Without a dependable Internet connection, network resources are constrained, impacting both employees and customers.

A Powerful and Dedicated Internet Access Service

Enterprise Fiber Internet Access (FIA) is a dedicated service that offers reliable nationwide connectivity with performance and support you can always count on. Delivering scalable Internet access, we guarantee 99.99% service availability all the way to the equipment at your location. Connect wherever you are with a service available nationwide that accelerates the pace of your organization.

Product Highlights

Superior Performance – Improves business productivity through a high-performing Internet service ensuring reliable connectivity
Scalability and Reach – Provides an easily scalable platform with national reach and dense metro coverage to support current and future bandwidth needs
Business Continuity – Optional diversity solutions to support Internet uptime in the event of a wireline disruption
End-to-End Support – Reduces complexity via a single, nationwide partner providing one resource team, one contact point for services and support including the in-building connection
Cost-Effective – FIA delivers value with competitive, straightforward pricing

University Streaming Solutions

Meet the demand for streaming video with straightforward user access.

Healthcare Network

Hospital IT departments can enhance efficiency, security and reliability of their connectivity infrastructure by shifting the responsibility for network performance to the connectivity infrastructure provider.

Hotel Accessibility

Efficient, reliable networks are the backbone of business success today. By making appropriate investments in your network, your hotel can help maximize effectiveness and productivity.

24/7 Support

We’ll help you troubleshoot, fix, and proactively maintain your IT infrastructure and make them run smoothly while giving you the peace of mind to focus on growing your business.

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