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We’re your source for reliable technical support and business IT systems with headquarters in the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth Area. From hosted VoIP to backup and disaster recovery services, we are committed to making sure your data is kept secure for years to come. Contact us through the form below for more information on our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chances are, yes! We can fix just about anything having to do with technology.

BUT – most seemingly minor issues are symptoms of a bigger problem. Think of technology as being very similar to the human body. When we’re ill, our bodies display external symptoms. These can be suppressed, but that does not always fix the underlying sickness.

You can temporarily bandage technology issues all day long, but until you fix what is causing the problems, those issues will continue to fester. Our goal is to find and fix the problem not place a bandage on the issue.

We no longer offer residential repairs. While we supported both businesses and residential consumers, we decided to transition to strictly business support to be able to provide our clients with a higher level of service and attention

We are lucky to have clients that appreciate what we do and are not afraid of sharing their feelings! You can see some of their feedback on our Facebook page, and additionally on Google. We are also happy to provide client references upon request.


We would love to give you an easy answer, but the truth is it is different for each business. Cost is determined by how many people work at your company, how many devices (computers, phones, printers, tablets, etc.) you have or want, whether any equipment needs to be upgraded, how intricate your network and office setup is, how many locations your business has, the programs you use, the level of support you require, and many other factors that make each partnership different.

We tailor our solutions to the unique needs of your business. We are not a one-size-fits-all shop like many other managed service providers.

Monthly costs can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars – unfortunately, we cannot give a more accurate answer than this until we get to know your company and its needs through a consultation! Schedule a free consultation today!

Our focus is on unmatched quality and service for our clients. We do not take on every company that comes our way. Our client list is kept limited on purpose so that we can provide great solutions to those we do work with.

We hire the best and ensure they can provide the best service to our clients. Training, benefits, a supportive environment, and competitive pay keep our team happy. A happy team = happy clients!

We will never be the cheapest solution, nor do we want to be. If you are shopping for the most inexpensive company, we recommend you keep searching! To provide the level of service and work environment we strive for, we charge more than the budget providers. We are a premium solution for companies that appreciate the quality and innovation we offer.

Here are five reasons to consider an MSP over an in-house IT service.


  1. Lower Cost of Ownership: It may be cost-prohibitive for an SMB to self-manage their WHAT IS AN SMB? technology internally. Therefore, many companies are seeking managed service providers to help lower your total cost of ownership and reduced system downtime.
  2. You Get More with Less: On-top of saving money, an MSP can help the SMB get more for less-ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery, improved computers, servers & network performance, minimize risk against ransomware & malware through enhanced security, all while you are saving time not having to worry about technology.
  3. Proactive Maintenance: Hiring an MSP to monitor and manage all its systems ensures that problems will be identified and resolved before they become a costly problem.
  4. Data Protection: Managed Service Providers assume the responsibility of your data-therefor, you can ensure your data is backed up, secure and a seamless process is in place to get you up and running in the event of a server failure or any unforeseen disaster.
  5. Enhanced Network Security: Keeping patches, up-to-date, security device management, and adding additional advanced vulnerability monitoring and management, dramatically helps to ensure you will not fall victim to the latest malware stacks. Added layers of security and monitoring are available for regulatory compliance and protecting sensitive data.

We provide you with a comprehensive outline from start to finish customized to your organization everyone is different.

Onboarding should take anywhere from a month to 3 months depending on the size of the organization

Your Assigned Account Manager will meet with you every quarter to discuss IT strategy planning and budgeting for growth. Some companies prefer to meet. This is up to you and can be customized.

The simple answer is no. The complex answer is yes eventually.

HIPPA states that you must address, being on Windows 7 in your annual audit and have a plan to replace it within a reasonable time. HHS defines reasonable within a 3 Year period at max for most providers. This is very, interchangeable depending on your growth and size. Ask our HIPPA experts to help you put a plan together.

What business does not like to say they are different and better than all their competitors? The truth is every IT provider is the right match for some and not for others. We have worked to build a business that differentiates us in many ways we value most and may make us the right match for you! Here are some of those ways:

  • We are 100% local and US-based. You will always work with a member of our team locally, not someone at a call center or overseas.
  • We are small enough to get to know every person in the companies were working with; you will never be just a number. However, we are also large enough to have a team of experts in every technology and be able to offer 24/7/365 support. We strive to always balance personal connection with top-tier service as we grow.
  • Many managed service providers only operate at the IT support level. They will fix and prevent technology problems, and that is all. This is great for some, but we wanted to go further. We regularly meet with our clients to learn about their challenges, goals, and hopes for the business. We then design technology plans and systems that support and drive these goals. Instead of just being “the IT support people”, we aim to become a valued partner for all our clients with the latest and greatest technology.
    • The IT service industry is known for burnout. Too frequently employees are overworked and underappreciated, leading to poor support and unhappy clients + service teams. Keeping our employees happy and satisfied through competitive pay, ongoing training and career-building opportunities, family support, work/life balance, benefits, team building, and a great culture is a huge priority. When our people are happy, they provide our clients with unmatched service.

We work with a variety of businesses in nearly every industry. But in general, these are the qualities we look for in a potential managed technology partner:

  • Size: 5-500 employees
  • Technology: Majority Microsoft, limited or no Apple/Unix usage
  • Identity: Driven to grow, optimize, streamline, and become more successful. Understands that technology is a fundamental part of the modern workplace and can help accomplish high-level business goals. Wants to focus on doing what they do best and allowing us to do the rest. 

Managed IT services allow businesses to delegate their IT operations or outsource their IT to an expert third-party organization that specializes in handling some or all the responsibilities associated with your IT operations. Sometimes the organization lacks the workforce, or they do not have the internal skill set to properly maintain their network, servers, workstations and/or other IT devices.

These third-party organizations, known as Managed Service Providers (MSPs), are responsible for the entirety or portions of a business’ IT systems, as agreed upon in a written Service Level Agreement or commonly referred to as an SLA. Essentially you are shifting the risk associated with your hardware, software and network performance over to the Managed IT Service provider.

We take a four-step approach to backup.

  1. We keep all your Servers in Failover. (This means Data Redundancy)
  2. We Take a HIPPA approach meaning 3 Copies in three different states. (Texas, Illinois, Washington)
  3. We do Shadow Copies for up to the minute in file loss.
  4. We have excess hardware to get you back up and running should something happen in your office like Fire Tornado, Hurricane, theft, etc.

Because we take extra steps with our backup process, we have not had a client to date go down. Failover ensures that a client can continue to work even if their server does go down. While we work with backups to restore system files while ensuring newer data is copied back from the failover.

Yes, upon request we will send monthly reports to your point of contact. We are constantly running in-house reports, but unless requested by you we maintain them in-house for future quarterly meetings.

We actively track this using our proprietary software.

We do recommend keeping equipment in warranty, but we do understand that can be costly. We try to advise our clients within reason what we believe would be the best option for them.

We have an impressive SLA currently, our average ticket time on Remote Support is under 10 Minutes and our on-Site Response time is under 45 minutes, depending on your location.

Most MSPs have not met this level of response. We understand your time is valuable and we make every effort to keep your business up and running as if it were our own.

Yes, it does. HIPAA has clear rules and regulations regarding data protection and cybersecurity.

Ready to get started on your industry’s project? Get connected with our experienced technicians for comprehensive IT support of your business.