Case Study

Mirazon – Improving Business Agility and Profitability

Mirazon improved the delivery and customer experience of its cloud and virtualization services with a faster, more reliable fiber solution. With a scalable cost model, they gained the flexibility to serve customers large and small.

They also saw improvements in their response times while supporting off-site back-up and managed service solutions to customers. Using Unified Communications applications, with higher network quality and reliability, also improved their customer collaboration.

Since the founding of Mirazon in 2000, Partner and Solutions Architect Craig Stein has seen his clients’ IT departments change dramatically. “Managing IT used to involve maintaining a few products. Now, from Microsoft® licensing to antivirus protection, there are so many moving parts. Plus, with the Cloud and virtualization, it’s easy to spin up a new platform as a service without even involving the IT department.”

“It’s a great win for us to use our Enterprise fiber service to provide clients with reliability and uptime that once only the largest companies could afford. It makes us and our clients more competitive.”
Craig Stein

Mirazon’s success as an IT consulting firm comes from giving its top-caliber system architects and engineers the right tools to help clients create the right IT environment. Technology needs to provide top agility and bandwidth, and that’s why Stein considers fiber solutions from Enterprise “a key blade in our Swiss army knife of solutions.”

Boosting bandwidth and reliability

In 2012, Stein upgraded to Enterprise Fiber Internet Access (FIA) solution from an asymmetrical “best-effort” Internet service. This helped meet the firm’s growing opportunity to offer remote security and managed solutions to a diverse range of customers. In explaining the value of fiber’s symmetrical bandwidth, Stein notes that “most businesses download more content than they send up. But with off-site back-up or supporting branch offices, fast upload speeds also become critical.”

Client Profile

Company: Mirazon, an IT consulting firm serving clients nationwide and internationally

Industry: Technology

Services: 20 Mbps Fiber Internet Access (FIA)

In addition to the up to 20 Mbps high bandwidth FIA connectivity, reliability has been superior. According to Stein, “we’ve leveraged Enterprise technology because it’s very fast and affordable. But we’ve also found that it’s also an extremely reliable service.”

Leveraging new business tools

Fiber makes it possible for Mirazon to get business done in new ways. As just one example, because of its FIA, Mirazon has the bandwidth and agility to leverage state-of-the-art customer collaboration, meetings, video conferencing and instant messaging through Microsoft® Lync’s unified communications suite. “Plus,” Stein adds, “the FIA connection is extremely reliable, fast and low-latency so the voice packets don’t get scrambled or delayed.”

Staying ahead of the curve—and competitors

Enterprise offers a growing fiber footprint, which has given Mirazon an edge on other IT consultants. Mirazon has been able to provide back-up service and other support through the FIA connection. Additionally, by encouraging clients to choose Enterprise for their own fiber-based WAN services, Mirazon is able to help clients improve their overall network performance.

“Businesses are trading hosting and private infrastructure for cloud offerings like Microsoft Office 365® and Amazon Web Services.® This drives the need for faster, more reliable Internet connections, and that’s what Enterprise provides.”
Craig Stein

As an example of what fiber offers, Stein points out that many Mirazon clients have a single server. “That’s a single point of failure,” he says. While other firms take a day or more to respond, fiber connectivity lets Mirazon fix problems remotely in minutes. Even better, Stein notes, fiber enables Mirazon to provide what is referred to as “3-2-1 back-up.” This approach keeps three copies of any important file to support redundancy needs. Two different types of media are used to back up the file, such as an optical drive like DVD in addition to a hard drive or network drive. Plus, one copy is stored at a second networked location for site diversity.

The affordability of fiber has enabled Mirazon to work with an exceptionally wide range of customers across the United States and abroad. “When we started, our prospects were only large customers,” Stein recalls. “But where solutions used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, we can now leverage fiber solutions that are affordable for them and profitable for us.”

Mirazon’s secret to success continues to be hiring amazing people and finding new ways to get things done. Fiber technology continues to play a key role in expanding Mirazon’s technology toolkit and customer base.

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