What Questions Should I Ask an IT Consultant Before Hiring Them?

An IT consultant brings a wealth of information and experience to the table.

But here’s the challenge:

How do you know you’re hiring a great IT consulting firm and professional?

The tech suggestions made by these professionals have rippling effects. Basing decisions on ill-advised information could do harm to your business! So, it’s important you’re diligent when it comes to the vetting process.

Here’s what to ask these IT professionals when hiring for consulting services.

Q1: Do You Have Experience With My Industry?

A qualified IT consultant would have some degree of exposure to your industry.

Why is this important? It makes it easier to convey ideas, concepts, and goals. They also bring proven strategies and practices to the table.

You want an IT consulting firm to have a firm footing in what you do. This lets both parties collaborate and get things done vs clash and experience development hell.

Q2: What Are Your Qualifications, Certifications, and/or Accreditations?

You’re not just handing IT tasks to a consultant, you’re essentially giving them the keys to the operation!

The consultant you’re vetting better have the paper trail to back their work. This ensures they’re true to their skills and experience. It also means you’re working with a true professional — not someone that may bail at the slightest inconvenience.

Look for:

  • Portfolios
  • Certifications
  • Associations
  • Projects
  • Education

Meeting high standards should extend to others at the firm, too. You’ll want a team comprised of the industry’s best, after all, so hold them to it!

Q3: Who’s Involved With the Process?

You want someone (or a team) that works 1-to-1.

This doesn’t mean:

  • Subcontracting services
  • Outsourcing talent
  • Automating processes

Ask “who’s involved in this process” and listen to how they answer. If they can’t link you to someone on staff then keep looking. You don’t want to work with a firm that’s only acting as a middleman.

Q4: How Will You Keep Me Informed and the Project On Track?

A project’s success balances on how well communications are handled.

Ask about:

  • Project tracking
  • Project reporting

Ideally, you want a ‘sweet spot’ with reporting. Just enough to stay informed but not so much to where you’re bothered. The point is to find a team that keeps open comms throughout their IT consulting process.

Q5: What are Your Fees and Terms?

Costs are an obvious qualifier when vetting an IT company. Yet, it’s not the be-all, end-all decision-maker. You really need to have a budget in mind.

What goes into the fees and terms?

Pick the IT provider that scales to your needs.

Scalability lets you explore their offerings in stages vs taking on one, huge cost. Otherwise, negotiate fair fees and terms from the get-go so everyone is happy.

Q6: Why Are You a Good Fit for Me/Us?

Dig deep and put them on the spot by seeing how they respond.

They’ll pitch services and their benefits. What you’re trying to hear is how well they’ll mesh with your business and team.

You want an IT consulting firm that collaborates with yours. You want someone that delivers great solutions. Solutions could be cloud PBX integration to dictating the organization’s tech spend! You want that person that sees the big picture.

Partnering with a Vetted IT Consultant

This is the beginning of a long, beneficial business relationship. Communication is key, and regular performance audits and feedback ensure both parties align.

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